Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ahnemann graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine. While there she completed several rotations in family medicine including women’s health, men’s health and pediatrics. She had specialized rotations in cardiovascular disease, endocrinology (thyroid, hormones, diabetes), LGBTQ care and community health. She elected to travel abroad on breaks in order to work at rural community health clinics in Tanzania and Haiti. After graduating she completed a vigorous residency focusing on GI health, autoimmune disease, and chronic illness. In addition she has received further training in nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy. She enjoys having an opportunity to work with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Dr. Ahnemann became a naturopath because she believes everyone has the ability to achieve wellness. She has a deep compassion for the ups and downs of that journey, always striving to meet the individual needs of each person. Her own path to becoming a doctor has been varied, allowing her to bring many diverse experiences and interests together to inform her practice. Her goal is to strengthen, support and to empower each patient. She will often turn to natural medicine first, but is comfortable prescribing a wide array of treatment options, tailoring each to a patient’s condition and needs. Additionally she believes knowledge is essential for health, so she strives to educate her patients as they work together to restore health.

Before becoming a physician, Dr. Ahnemann spent years working as a cook and caterer, and her passion for food and nutrition remains strong. She spends a week each summer running a camp kitchen for kids with food allergies. In her free time she can be found cooking up a storm, getting her hands dirty in the garden, playing board games and unwinding with her cats and partner.

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