Naturopathic Doctor

Prior to embarking on a career in medicine, Dr. Chmelik was a professional ballet dancer. She had always held a passion for wellness, but it wasn’t until faced with health struggles of her own that she deepened her understanding of what it means to live a lifestyle healthy for the mind & body. Now, years later, she utilizes the insights of her own health journey to guide others.

Dr. Chmelik believes in an individualized approach to healthcare, recognizing that each person is unique and deserves a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and goals. By educating and empowering her patients, she strives to offer health solutions that can be easily implemented and made into habit for years to come. She is passionate about treating those of all ages and genders and has special interest and training in women’s health, hormones, and fertility.

When not seeing patients, Dr. Chmelik enjoys exploring the PNW, whether by coast or mountain, practicing her Zumba moves, and restoring her mind and body through yoga.

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