Licensed Massage Therapist

Kayla Kitay-Moore is a licensed massage therapist through the Oregon Board of Massage Therapy (OBMT # 25373) and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA # 1655329). She studied at National Holistic Institute in Redding, CA where she earned the title Massage Therapist and Health Educator.

Kayla’s greatest life passion is holistic health, and she is dedicated to helping those around her to achieve optimal well-being. Her massage practice is rooted in the belief that our bodies contain an innate ability to heal. She feels that when we tune in to the inner wisdom of the body, we can partner with it to bring about true wellness. Kayla is committed to helping others by doing this in her massage practice.

She also enjoys studying the effects of trauma on the body. Throughout life, we encounter many emotionally traumatic circumstances. Oftentimes, the body remembers the trauma and holds on in the form of tension, pain, lessened mobility and flexibility, etc. This defense mechanism of the body is an attempt to bring to our awareness the healing that we need – on an emotional and physical level. Kayla is devoted to helping people release these trauma holding patterns in the body –
therefore finding renewed peace, energy, and healing – through the power of massage.

When Kayla is not practicing massage, you can find her spending time in nature, cooking wholesome vegan food, reading, and enjoying quality conversation with her husband and friends.