NET - Neuro Emotional Technique

Western doctors and scientists have been talking about stress as a contributing factor to illnesses and poor health for years now. However, other emotional factors can affect our stress levels and our overall health, too. These include trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), negative stress responses (like unwarranted fear, anger, or grief), unexplained fears, and more.

The holistic method that addresses your stress level and can assist you as you work through emotional distress is called Neuro Emotional Technique or NET. In this technique, we use principles found in Traditional Chinese Medicine coupled with scientifically researched methods to ease stress and reduce stressful triggers.

NET considers how your body responds to specific, stress-inducing events. This is done by locating stress patterns that are stuck in place and helping you to let go of them using homeopathy, acupressure, principles from psychology, muscle testing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more.

Have you ever noticed that other parts of your body – besides your brain – exhibits uncomfortable stress responses? For example, you can get butterflies when you are worried about something or feel a lump in your throat. These stress responses aren’t just in your brain but are happening all through your body. Using NET, we locate these stress responses and help you let go of them. This is a quick, simple remedy that can contribute to increasing your health.

While the mind-body technique, NET, does not take the place of other therapies, it can assist you as you continue in your endeavors to return to a place of balance and harmony. The purpose here is to remove anything that blocks the natural healing ability of the body, allowing it to repair itself.

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