Massage can help with many issues in the body tissues.

There are different styles of massage. Here at ATTUNEMENT Wellness we listen to your needs and customize the right technique for your body. Massage is the perfect addition to your healing journey.

Deep Tissue Massage

In the traditional sense, deep tissue is applying the right amount of pressure to the muscle tissue in order to relieve pain. This technique is effective in relieving tension built up in the muscle over time. Perfect for the athlete or person sitting at a computer for long periods of time. Add to your Chiropractic visit or Acupuncture for a complete healing experience.

Swedish Massage

There is one goal in mind for the Swedish type of massage. RELAXATION. If you’re feeling stressed or going through something traumatic, Swedish massage may be the solution for you. The technique used is long stroke-like movements, tapping, cupping hand movements to allow for more blood flow to the area.

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