People have benefited from acupuncture for more than five thousand years. The basic principles of this effective, holistic treatment are that everyone has twelve energetic rivers flowing with life force energy or “Qi.” Six of these rivers are Yin, and six of them are Yang. These opposite, yet complementary energies are interdependent and create a harmonious balance within your body.

We get Qi in three different ways: we inherit it from our parents, through breathing, or absorb it from foods we eat. Over time – as we age and participate in the human experience – blockages of Qi can occur in the body and we can lose Qi. These are like dams in a river, blocking the flow of Qi. A common term for this blocked energy flow is “stagnation.” Acupuncture is used as a holistic method of breaking down the dam, allowing Qi to flow once again and tuning up Qi. This encourages natural healing within the body.


As a practitioner of acupuncture, I can sense and access Qi through three hundred sixty-five primary acupuncture portals of energy – or acupuncture points. To do this, I insert fine, hair-like needles into acupuncture points. I use these needles to sense my patient’s qi, much as a fisherman would cast a line into the water to catch a fish.

Not only do acupuncturists use needles to sense Qi, but we also listen to your personal experience, discern your pulse, and look at your tongue to discover every aspect of your Qi. In doing so, I can make a mental painting of your body and your unique flow of Qi. I use acupuncture needles and other methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist the flow of Qi, triggering your body’s natural healing.

Each acupuncture session with me embodies the idea of “attunement.” We work together to tune up your Qi, bringing it into harmony. My job in each session is to orchestrate your body so that it can once again work precisely as it is supposed to, with your Qi flowing smoothly.

There is no need to live with dis-ease in your body. Health challenges like pain, insomnia, stress, depression, digestive issues, gynecological difficulties (including painful menses, menopause, infertility, and postpartum depression), male health problems (including low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, and prostate issues), headaches, allergies, anxiety, fear or grief, can all be resolved with acupuncture and other methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You don’t have to take my word for this. The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as a valid and effective treatment for many, many diseases and symptoms. Western clinical trials have proved what thousands of years of acupuncture have shared: that this is a holistic, natural, and effective way to benefit individual health.

So, don’t suffer with health difficulties. Make an appointment here at Attunement Wellness and find the right holistic solution for your health challenge.

Are You Ready to Bring Your Health into Harmony?

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