Chiropractic care is essential to helping you feel at ease in your body. If your skeletal body is not aligned, it will effect the energy meridians and muscular body, causing more detriment in the end. Therefore ATTUNEMENT Wellness can help you tune up your body and allow you to do the things you love. 503-206-0300

A Chiropractor’s goal is to help you restore and optimize your body’s movements

So that you can do what you’d like to do without pain or worry. When all parts of the body work in harmony, the stress on muscles, ligaments and joints decreases. Movements become smooth and light. This means that you can do more with the same amount of effort. Your body can handle more stress without getting injured. And you will once again be able to enjoy the feeling of free and relaxed movements.

To achieve this, we use a two-pronged approach

First, focused in-office treatment to restore mobility to your joints, muscles, and fascia. Second, carefully selected home exercises to re-train and optimize your movement patterns. Used together in a coordinated fashion, these two treatment methods build upon one another. One picks up where the other leaves off, always moving you steadily towards your goal.

Our Chiropractors have specialized training in many different treatment techniques. This allows her to specifically tailor every patient’s treatment to his or her individual symptoms, complaints, and ability. These include:

  • Movement evaluation: Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • Low-force chiropractic adjustments
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Soft tissue work: Myofascial Release, Fascial Manipulation, Graston, cupping
  • Rehabilitation: Home exercise, home tools, Kinesiology

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