Therapeutic Massage

We assess and treat patients by purely physical means and therapy to reduce biochemical, physical and neurological symptoms. This holistic model of healthcare has been proven beneficial to many individuals hampered by disorders associated with many injuries.

We use a technique called Medical Massage, which helps us identify the anatomical sites where the disruption occurs and removes the interferences causing these symptoms. Medical Massage releases muscles at attachment sites and diffuses toxins’ from the muscles, sweeping them into the lymphatic system. Without the proper treatment, long-term effects can become permanent. Specifically and correctly applied, immediate results are often observed; your nervous system will begin to regain optimal function, symptoms of dysfunction subside and improved quality of life begins. We often see significant decreases in both pain and recovery time. Best of all, no medications or invasive procedures are used, greatly reducing the chance of side effects and their associated discomfort which often interrupt and delay healing.

60 min massage – $115

*Package of 3 – 60 min massages = $295
** Package of 5 – 60 min massages = $495

90 Min Massage – $150

*Package of 3 – 90 min massages = $390
** Package of 5 – 90 min massages = $675

*Some Saturday appointments are available. Please refer to Rachel’s schedule.

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