Gastrointestinal Disorders


Digestive issues like GERD, IMS, and heartburn can be embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable. Usually, your doctor will provide you with medication and you will be told to change what you eat – perhaps eat a blander diet or cut out foods you enjoy. The other option is that you will be uncomfortable, you may experience nausea, pain, or frequent visits to the bathroom.

Fortunately, there are holistic solutions to digestive problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a complete and time-tested path to proper nutrition. Additionally, TCM methods like acupuncture, acupressure, ear seeds, and more can help resolve digestive issues in the long-term.


Not only is diarrhea incredibly uncomfortable, but chronic or long-term diarrhea can also cause serious health problems stemming from dehydration. Additionally, diarrhea is a sign that something more serious, like an infection or parasite, may be harming your body.

There are both holistic and medical solutions for diarrhea and for the health problems that may be causing this issue. It’s possible to utilize both medical solutions for diarrhea as well as natural solutions simultaneously – or to simply use Traditional Chinese Medicine methods for resolving this gastrointestinal issue.


Constipation is a common and painful gastrointestinal disorder that can be caused by nutritional problems, side effects from medication, or even severe organ malfunctions. Not only is constipation uncomfortable, but it can also cause hemorrhoids to develop. So, it’s important to resolve constipation and find the root problem for this gastrointestinal health issue rapidly.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we work to locate and solve the root of any health problem, holistically. Constipation and its symptoms can be resolved by natural means using acupuncture, nutritional changes, ear seeds, and other TCM methods. Our goal is not to only address your symptoms, but to unblock the Qi in the areas that are causing your constipation in the first place, allowing your body to heal itself and return to its comfortable, everyday function.


In many cases, nausea and vomiting are caused by anything from gastritis, an ulcer, motion sickness, or even emotional stress. Since there is such a wide range of reasons for nausea and/or vomiting, it can be difficult for many doctors to nail the cause down.

Fortunately, Traditional Chinese Medicine can begin by providing natural treatment for fundamental causes of gastrointestinal issues. By addressing your body’s life energy and removing anything blocking the free flow of Qi, we can assist you in your healing process.

Additionally, here at Attunement Wellness, we can provide many TCM methodologies based on your need and comfort level. For example, you may feel uncomfortable with acupuncture, so ear seeds, acupressure may be a better solution for resolving your nausea or vomiting issues, naturally. No matter your need, we are here to help you resolve it with holistic healing methods.

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