Dr. Danielle is the owner of Attunement Wellness, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, certified in Neuro Emotional Technique and licensed by the Oregon Medical Board. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2012 & earned her Doctorate in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health Sciences in 2021. She is Nationally Board Certified by the NCCAOM as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine to practice Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. She earned her 200hr yoga teaching certificate in 2004 and is certified to teach 1000 Hands Buddha Qigong. Prior to this education in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1997 from Oregon State University.

Dr. Danielle began to study energy medicine after watching loved ones suffer from cancer. She had one key question: Why is Western medicine not as effective healing disease? This led her to pursue energy medicine with Reiki. After learning the fundamentals of how energy works in the human body, she experienced acupuncture for the first time and found that it was like Reiki – but even more effective. This led her to a passionate study of acupuncture and becoming a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Collaboration is key and she built Attunement Wellness with the idea together is better. Having a team of like minded, passionate providers, that can best benefit the patients needs first, you’ll find Attunement Wellness to be your team of healers. 

As an acupuncturist, Dr. Danielle’s mission is to listen to her patient’s needs and learn from every treatment. She works with her patients to bring their life force energy into harmony, allowing their body to heal naturally. Her philosophy is that her patient is also her teacher. Every aspect of the patient’s health and life experience is important to her and can be used to assist in the healing process.

While Dr. Danielle has a specialty in male reproductive health, she has a particular interest in anti-aging, women’s health, fertility, anxiety, digestion, depression treatments & pain management. The intention of every treatment is to reduce the patient’s stress levels and assist in relieving pain. Her holistic approach takes every aspect of her patient’s physical and mental health into consideration.

Along with her practice, Dr. Danielle loves being in nature and breathing in the beauty of her native Oregon. She spends time hiking, biking, camping, and enjoying the Oregon coast. She also loves to travel and enjoys meditation and yoga. Her pups Leo & Carmelita, are a huge part of her daily practice and life – Carmelita often greets patients with a wagging tail & smile! They are a hypoallergenic breed and considered therapy to a patient’s well-being. 

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