Afraid of Needles, But Want to Get Better? Acupuncture Isn’t Your Only Option

Many people are worried about acupuncture needles when the first come in to see me here at Attunement Acupuncture. Often patients envision the types of needles used for a blood draw – and most patients are relieved to see how thin and hair-like each acupuncture needle is. In fact, the needles are so small that most patients can’t feel them when they are used.

However, if even the word “needle” makes you cringe, don’t worry. There are other holistic options in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for you.

Needle-less Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments


Acupuncture is the most commonly discussed TCM treatment, but it’s not the only one available by a long shot. At Attunement Acupuncture, we can discuss a needle-free treatment plan. Here are just a few of your options:


Acupuncture is the practice of using needles to release blocked up Qi that is trapped in the body utilizing specifically defined points throughout the body. Acupressure utilizes these same points, but instead of using needles, your practitioner uses gentle pressure to help achieve the same result. Occasionally, people confuse the two practices, because they address the same points on the body and they both work to release Qi back into your body. Acupressure just doesn’t use needles to accomplish this task.

Ear Seeds

We stimulate specific acupressure points in the ear by taping small black seeds from the Vaccaria plant to the ear. These seeds put continuous pressure on these points, providing a non-invasive and effective way to assist in the healing of all sorts of conditions.

I had a young patient come in who did not wish to be needled but had severe gastrointestinal problems. We used ear seeds to stimulate the appropriate acupressure points, and this relieved her gastrointestinal issues. This is just one example out of many which shows the efficacy of ear seeds.


Moxa or moxibustion utilizes mugwort (also called Artemisia Vulgaris) to help open up internal energy meridians. The practitioner uses a flammable stick which contains mugwort. She will then light the stick until it is smoking and then hold it quite close to an acupuncture point, warming the area. The heat from the moxa is driven down into the acupuncture point, opening up the internal energy meridians. TCM practitioners also use the more direct method of applying smoking moxa to the skin – with a barrier between the skin and the smoking moxa ball.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

This holistic stress-reduction technique is used to ease the effects of stressful triggers. NET uses homeopathy, acupressure, principles from psychology, muscle testing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more. So, you don’t necessarily have to use acupuncture as part of this method.

There are many other holistic resources we use at Attunement Acupuncture that don’t require needles. For example, we utilize nutrition, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, gua sha, cupping, and more to help treat symptoms and health conditions. Discover what we can do to help you heal holistically by making an appointment here at Attunement Acupuncture. I am here to listen to your needs and make sure they are met in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable.

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