Eight Common Acupuncture Myths, Busted!

Acupuncture is an extremely effective healing art that can help in the treatment of many conditions and symptoms. However, I often get asked questions that show just how poorly understood acupuncture is in the Western world. That’s why I’ve put together a list of common questions and incorrect assumptions to help bust some acupuncture myths!

Eight Common Acupuncture Myths

Myth: Acupuncture is for motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries only

Truth: While acupuncture is a fantastic resource for anyone hoping to recover rapidly from a car accident or a sports injury, this definitely isn’t its only function. The World Health Organization (WHO) has gathered a number of Western studies and found that acupuncture can be useful in treating headache, pregnancy difficulties, sciatica, stroke, allergies, erectile dysfunction, and much, much more.

Myth: Acupuncture is painful.

Truth: Many patients find acupuncture incredibly relaxing. If they do feel a sensation, it’s often not pain but that of unblocked Qi beginning to flow through proper channels once again. If you are concerned about acupuncture needles, we invite you to come in and take a look at them. The needles used at Attunement Acupuncture are individually packaged, sterile, disposable needles that are about as thin as your arm hair.

Myth: Acupuncture isn’t safe.

Truth: Much like your trusted family doctor, acupuncturists in Portland are uniquely trained and obtain a license and certification from the Oregon Medical Board. Additionally, your acupuncturist has been given special training and licensing so as to be allowed to break the skin with an instrument. This means all licensed acupuncturists only use individually packaged, sterile, disposable needles to prevent infection or contagion.

Myth: Acupuncture may conflict with other medical treatments.

Truth: The purpose of acupuncture is to support your body’s natural healing ability. Because of this, acupuncture complements other more traditional medical treatments. In fact, the World Health Organization notes that acupuncture is a great option for those recovering from well-regulated medical treatments like chemotherapy and surgery.

Myth: Chinese herbs are dangerous.

Truth: While I certainly cannot assure you that every Chinese herb you will ever encounter in your lifetime is safe, I can tell you that the herbs we provide patients here at Attunement Acupuncture are safe and effective. Additionally, it’s important to:

  1. Let your acupuncturist know what types of medicines you are taking before you begin enjoying the benefits of herbalism.
  2. Take herbs at the levels and proportions your acupuncturist recommends.

Being completely transparent and communicating all of your needs and concerns to your acupuncturist will help her provide you with the proper herb or mix of herbs for your health need.

Myth: If you don’t receive benefit from acupuncture in your first treatment, it won’t work for you.

Truth: Much like any treatment, acupuncture usually takes a few sessions to begin working. Each treatment builds off the last, giving you better, longer lasting results.

You wouldn’t take an antibiotic one time and expect a cure – so why would you do so with acupuncture?

Myth: Acupuncture is a placebo.

Truth: The World Health Organization has gathered a number of Western scientific studies indicating the efficacy of acupuncture. These studies mount every day, showing that acupuncture is a valid option for anyone hoping to get well, holistically.

Myth: Acupuncture is a religious practice.

Truth: As I noted above, acupuncture is regulated by the Oregon Medical Board and is considered a holistic wellness tool – not a religious practice. There is no need to believe in acupuncture for it to work for you.

Do you have questions about acupuncture? It’s time to try it for yourself! Make an appointment at Attunement Acupuncture today. I am here to help you achieve wellness, holistically.

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