Erectile Dysfunction: No, We Don’t Need to Put Needles in Your Genitals

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when I first begin to work with a patient to address his erectile dysfunction is: “Do you need to put needles in my genitals?”

I am happy to say “no” in answer to that question. But, it got me thinking. There are many other common questions men have about treating their erectile dysfunction holistically with acupuncture. I am hoping to address these questions right here in this blog post. So, here we go!

Common Questions I Get Asked About Treating ED with Acupuncture


  1. How fast will I see a change?

The reason so many men take drugs like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis to treat their ED is that it’s a quick and easy fix. Unfortunately, these drugs don’t actually heal the body – they just allow blood to flow into the penis more easily – giving your body the potential to have longer and stronger erections. Though these drugs work for many men, they also come with side effects like digestive problems, vision changes, and a potential for heart attack.

Acupuncture does not come with any side effects and works to heal the whole body by unblocking your Qi and allowing your blood to flow naturally, when you are ready to have an erection. Healing like this takes longer than popping a pill would – but it is also a more permanent solution.

Ideally, you will see a change in your erections in 3 to 4 treatments and be able to achieve long-standing improvement at the 6 to 8 treatment mark. This time frame is applicable when we have been treating your ED on a weekly basis. Acupuncture works best when we build off the last treatment. Waiting too long between sessions means that we may have to start over.

  1. Will acupuncture work if I’m on other medications?

When treating erectile dysfunction or any other health challenge with acupuncture, we are unblocking your flow of Qi. Medications have a tendency to mask the root problem, whereas acupuncture and herbs treat the root of the condition. But, because acupuncture is a holistic treatment that works to heal the whole body, we can still achieve your goals while you are on a prescribed medication. The treatment may take longer than the 6 to 8 weeks noted above, but you can experience improvement if you are committed to getting results.

  1. Why don’t you always address the same spots in every treatment?

There are 365 primary acupuncture points available in the body. This means that we have many points at which we can unblock stagnant Qi or increase available Qi when you are depleted or deficient. I put needles into acupuncture points to sense the Qi and break up any blockages or increase available Qi. We may find that old acupoints have been unblocked, but that new ones, further down the line, have grown stagnant. That’s why I use all of the acupuncture points available to me to help increase your life energy flow.

  1. Will acupuncture work if Viagra doesn’t?

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are all the same class of drug: PDE-5 inhibitors. They work by blocking the enzyme that breaks down the chemical in your body that causes erections and by producing more of the chemical that makes the penis relax. A relaxed penis should allow blood to flow freely, causing an erection. That, coupled with inhibiting the enzyme PDE-5, usually makes these drugs effective in treating ED.

If erectile dysfunction drugs don’t work for you, it’s possible that your body needs another type of healing. For example, stagnant Qi in your liver can block the flow of blood to your penis. We often address the liver as this channel wraps around the genitals.

You may have heart or other health problems that prohibit adequate blood flow to your genitals. In traditional Chinese medicine, we look at the body holistically, discovering and loosening any blocked or stagnant Qi, no matter where it is in the body. Additionally, when coupled with dietary changes and herbal remedies, you can solve many health complaints with acupuncture that were not being treated effectively with medication – including erectile dysfunction!

So, if you have had challenges finding an ED drug that works for you, try acupuncture. We can consider your particular health issues and work to resolve them so that you can enjoy a full life.

  1. After my appointment I feel a tingling in my pelvis – what does that mean?

Many of my clients have two things happen after treatment:

  1. They feel tingling sensations in their pelvic area as blood and life energy are now flowing and moving through that area of their body. This is often reported to me by patients as “sensations in the pelvis.” I interpret this as the energy meridians that wrap around the genitals opening up – and they are able to feel that change.
  2. They experience so-called “morning wood” for the first time in years. I have had patients tell me that “There are times I wake up to urinate and cannot get my penis down!”

All this means is that the treatment is working. Meridians are opening up and Qi is now moving.

Do you have questions about using acupuncture to treat your erectile dysfunction or other sexual health challenges? Are you ready to boost your health and your pelvic function? Contact Attunement Wellness today.

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