Migraines, cluster, tension, sinus, hormone, or chronic headaches can not only ruin your day; they can make it impossible to function. Often, people battle headaches for years, unable to find a pain relief method that works for them. Fighting through a severe migraine or a hormone headache can make it impossible to concentrate – let alone enjoy life.

Here at Attunement Wellness, we provide holistic solutions for your headaches. Traditional Chinese Medicine has several natural headache treatments that can be utilized to help you return from the fog of pain to experience the joy of pain-free living.

The main principle used in TCM for headache treatment is that blockages in Qi cause pain. These blocks make your natural Qi stagnate in parts of your body. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture, herbs, essential oils, and nutrition to remove the barriers holding back your Qi, thereby funneling your life force energy into the right parts of your body. Removing these restrictions and repopulating your body with the right levels of Qi allows your body to naturally and holistically heal itself. As your body heals, the pain generated by the Qi blockages is lifted, giving you headache or migraine relief.

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Danielle has been a significant help to my recent neck and back pain, she has also educated me in a procedure of which I had previously looked a upon as more of a hocus pocus profession than true Chinese medicine, and has convinced me that it holds positive solutions to most of our human ailments.

Calming acupuncture with great resultsA.P.

I just had my second visit and already seeing amazing results. Danielle is very thorough about documenting progress even though I had multiple issues. After the first visit my mid back and shoulder pain was almost unnoticeable. The treatments are very relaxing. Danielle is truly amazing! I recommend her to all my friends.

Results alreadyD.J.

I had my first appointment at Attunement Acupuncture and it was very relaxing. Danielle is great to work with and she really listens to your needs.


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