What Does Autumn Mean in Chinese Medicine?

Have you ever wondered why you feel different in fall? Is it the air? The cold? The foods that are in season? Traditional Chinese Medicine talks about fall as a time of transition. In fact, the autumnal equinox is a fascinating time. On September 22nd, the day was exactly 12 hours long, as was the night. Our energy is shifting along with the day, experiencing the transition of the seasons.

Here in the Pacific NW, we can see and feel that transition in the air we breathe, the temperatures we feel, and the trees surrounding us. We can also feel the transition internally. Our bodies are focusing energy internally, preparing for the winter to come.

It’s important to take time this season to focus on your health both physically and emotionally. Here are just a few things you can do to have a healthy autumn, and prepare for a great winter:

Protect your health

If you haven’t gotten your health tuned up lately or you often get colds or flu over fall or winter, this is the best time to nip your health issues in the bud. Make an appointment here at Attunement Acupuncture and we can get you on the right path for a healthy season.

Invest in a scarf

Scarves  protect  your wind gate acupoint, DU14, located between vertebrae C7 & T1. This point is where the  deep cold  gets into your body, causing seasonal discomforts like cold, flu, and more. The wind gate is located  on the neck  & connects to all of the energy meridians, spreading cold everywhere inside. This spot is why scarves are such a vital and practical part of your wardrobe, so be sure to wrap up and stay warm this season.

Declutter your home and your mind

As your body is physically preparing for winter, it’s time for you to prepare both mentally and in the world around you. So many people choose to clean their homes in spring, but fall is also a great time to tidy your home and prepare for the new season. Doing so can give you a feeling if mental clarity and can also make your home a  comfortable place to live.

Warm up internally

As the temperatures drop – or in our case – fluctuate for a month before actually dropping, it’s a good idea to stock up on warming foods. Use warm spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and garlic. Try warming recipes for soups and stews. If food isn’t cutting it, book an appointment for moxibustion and get thoroughly warmed up.

Clear your lungs

With the recent tragic fires reducing the number of trees and adding smoke and ash to the air, it’s important to get your lungs clear. My favorite method of doing this is to put doTERRA’s essential oil BREATHE® into a diffuser and let it waft through the house. This is a beautiful oil for opening up the lungs and clearing out any build up.

It’s important to greet each season with the right tools and right attitude. The theme for autumn is transition. If you need help discovering the next steps for your healthy, holistic transition, contact me today.

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